We are the only M&A advisors in Spain specialized in the food industry

What we do


We advise the transaction

All of our senior consultants have performed several M&A operations in their professional careers, first as entrepeneurs and now as advisors.


We speak agrifood

All our life has developed around the food industry, which allows to know what er are talking about, from raw material to distribution.


We are industrial

Whithout neglecting when the search for financial partners proceeds, our specialty is the approach between industrialists. We come from the industry and speak the lenuage of the entrepeneur. 

Our know how 

We look for companies

 If you are thinking of investing in Spain, we offer you the best portfolio of opportunities related to the food industry: the great engine of the national economy. It is such a wide and powerful market that, in order to buy a company, it is essential to have the tutelage of the best experts.

We find partners

 We have a network of contacts covering Spain, Portugal, France and Italy, specialists in both M&A and the food sector. If you are looking for acquisition opportunities or the time has come to sell your company, we can find the right partner.

Our Commitment


The sale of a company is a delicate process since many obstacles can appear at the moment in which it is decided to look for buyers, for that reason we assure the identity of our clients fulfilling a strict methodology.


Any project has to be faced with the security of doing a good job, because that allows us to do our best. No matter what your situation, we will be happy to assist you.


We know that forging a satisfactory business relationship, clear, direct and honest communication is essential. For this, we place our approach and familiarity among our priorities to deal with our clients.


Our work is based on advising the investment of our clients and in the sale of companies, synergies are the key to any investment. We have been in the agri-food sector for 30 years, that's why we know them all.

Industry News

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